As the chief executive officer of D & M Leasing in Dallas, Mike Hernandez III has helped many people find their dream vehicles. Mike Hernandez III began working at the Dallas firm in 1984 and assumed full ownership of 2005. Currently semi-retired from D & M Leasing, he focuses much of his time on philanthropy in Brownsville, Texas, where he was raised.

Over the years, Mike Hernandez III has helped evoke significant social and political change in Brownsville. Some of the causes he has supported include V3 Army for the Good, the Cameron County Education Initiative, and Advancing Cameron County. Micheal Albert Hernandez III also has provided more than $1 million in scholarships for students to attend Texas A&M University.

Micheal Albert Hernandez III additionally founded the OP 10.33 PAC, an organization that endeavors to transform Brownsville into an economic center by 2033. The organization provides support for political candidates whose goals align with those of the organization and has undertaken initiatives to make improvements to local schools.